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Three years ago today, 25th November 2005. George Best passed away.
United and Northern Ireland fans mourned the loss of a real legend.
Today we remember, You'll never be forgotten George.

GEORGE BEST 1946 - 2005


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Thanks for the thread Sal.

It was certainly an emotional time for United fans 3 years ago when Best passed away. Even those too young to remember his playing days will undoubtedly have seen clips of this footballing genius and know that he was part of United's Holy Trinity.

Maradona good, Pele better, George Best.

RIP George.

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I have complete respect for George Best for his ability as a football player, it is right that he is considered alongside other football legends, but I do not have as much respect for him as a person.

He has been found guilty of drink driving on two separate occasions so he clearly had no concern about the possibility of causing a serious accident and killing someone, my dad was in a serious car accident as a result of a drink driver and he has significant scarring on his face as a result so it is something that makes me very angry indeed. The doctors told George Best over and over again that if he didn't stop drinking large amounts of alchohol it would kill him but he refused to listen, he did not consider the stress it was causing his family and continued to drink.

What makes me even more angry about this man is that even after having a succesful liver transplant in 2002 he still continued to drink large amounts of alchohol. Think of all the people who are on a waiting list desperate for a life saving transplant, Best clearly did not appreciate just how fortunate he was to find a suitable donor. That liver was wasted on him and should have been given to someone else who would of appreciated it and taken care of it.

Of course I was sad when Best died, but we had all seen it coming for so long that it wasn't really a shock. These comments may be controversial on this forum, but it is my honest opinion of him as a person, and not just as a footballer.
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