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Real Madrid defender Gabriel Heinze has taken another swipe at Manchester United and former manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

Asked to compare the two clubs, Heinze told Onda Madrid: "Real is different from Manchester. At Madrid, people get along better, there's more openness.

"Manchester is a closed club and everything is about competition, which is the philosophy of the coach."

On playing in the Premiership, the Argentina international added: "They (England) play forcefully, but are very fair. Between the players there's much respect, the referees speak a lot with the players and that also helps.

"Here (Spain) you try to talk and they (referees) remain silent, or you get a card."

Heinze, who only moved to Real after United blocked his dream switch to Liverpool in the summer, told Onda Cero: "Manchester never believed a big-name club would ever want me. Thanks to God I can't ask for anything more."

However, the Old Trafford favourite also said: "I love English football because it allowed me to play at my best. I learned how to be a football professional. That said, in Spain they play a lot more football. Football there is very fast, while here there is a lot more talent. I really like Madrid a lot. Having the sun shine every day is priceless."

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red_devils4life said:
Yeah. I thought he's the first-choice left-back @ Real Madrid currently?:confused:
Royston Drenthe is supposed 2 be the sub.......

I wasn't trying to be sarcastic by the

but who is actually starting in front of him..............????

part of his problem at United it seemed to me....was his confidence.....

The Gabby that came to us first was like the Evra we have now.....

He was up and down the wings, lunging into tackles against fellas twice the size of him.....

then when he returned from injury his confidence seemed to be non-existant......I went to the Boro game at OT and he never crossed the half way line once in the game even though he had acres of space in what was quite and open game......

I always liked Heinze but something was definitely wrong with him...........:)
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