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Henry Worried About Daughter's Safety

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Thierry Henry's daughter has been placed under extra security by the Barcelona player due to recent threats to her safety.

The Frenchman's baby daughter, Tea, still lives in London with her mother, from whom Thierry is separated.

The family uses 'Athenea Security Solutions' to protect their lavish home in Hampstead area of the English capital, and it was this company that alerted the police to suspicious movements of two men in a red BMW last Friday.

Police at Scotland Yard then confirmed that the BMW is registered to a "dangerous" person in possession of a lengthy criminal record, suggesting that a possible kidnapping plot could be in the offing.

As such investigations have begun into any possible dangers, while security is likely to be stepped up so as to prevent a child-snatching tragedy.

A family spokesperson said, "This incident is terrible for the family's situation, not least for Thierry, who now lives in Spain.

"The family is very frightened and is concerned for Tea's safety.

"The couple want maximum security for their daughter because she means everything to them. They have begun efforts to increase surveillance around the house."
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