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He's now above LAW !

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Cruyff last night paid Cristiano Ronaldo the ultimate compliment - by saying he is
better than Manchester United legends Denis Law and George Best.

Former Holland and Ajax superstar Cruyff believes 35-goal Ronaldo is the best
player in the world after his stunning season at Old Trafford.

Cruyff, a three-time European Footballer of the Year, says the only player whose
goal record can be compared to Ronaldo is Ajax striker Klaas-Jan Huntelaar - but
admits the Dutch league is not as strong as the Premier League.

He said: "My favourite for the Golden Boot is Ronaldo.

Huntelaar has scored a lot of goals, but also has the handicap because the value
of goals in Holland is different.

"For me, Ronaldo is above the rest and if he keeps scoring in this rhythm and
stays in this sort of form then he will prove that he is the best.

"Ronaldo is better than George Best and Denis Law, who were two brilliant and
great players in the history of United.

"But Ronaldo is 22 and with his quality and progression in the game, I believe he
will be even better and win many more prizes for himself and his club.

"For him to be so good takes dedication.

But he also needs support from his team-mates and his coach, Sir Alex Ferguson.

"The only thing that I see as a weakness in his game is the number of assists,
but he is young enough and has the right coach to improve in that respect.

"He scores great goals and now also spectacular free-kicks, but to be the
complete forward he must provide more assists as his record can be improved."
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Thats some compliment from the great man himself.
Cruyff was up there with the Best's, Pele's and Maradona's
and for him to say this has some relevance.
I find it funny that he mentioned Ronaldo's assists.
I presume this article came out before his hat trick of assists
against Villa. But how the hell is Ronaldo suppose to get more assists
if its HIM that is doing all the scoring. His 35 goals this season have
meant that he cant have got assists fro any of them. Id take the
goals over the assists any day ;-)

But anyway, Ronaldo WILL be up there with Best and Law
provided he stays at the club for a decent amount of years.
Bit too early to say though ;-)
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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