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Hello there.

I am a liverpool fan from the Liverpool Way forum and was browsing your forum to see if there was anything about Hillsborough on here and i was surprised to see a 5 page thread full of people paying there respects to the 96 fans who lost there lives 20 years ago to this day. Thank you all for your kind words and i just thought i would register to say that they don't go unnoticed and they mean a lot to me and every other Liverpool fan.

When an tragedy like this happens it is nice to see that (most) of the Country can come together to mourn for the victims so for that i thank you.

sorry but im a liverpool fan, i just joined to say thank you for all the kind words, i know liverpool and utd fans are far from friends but all this banter about the dead has to stop somehow its a shame that so few fans (utd and liverpool) can sing about the dead to wind each other up escapes me (it not all liverpool fans who sing about munich) when i hear that song being sung im ashamed to call myself a liverpool fan, anyway i wont bother you again, but thank you all for your kind words at this sad time, good luck in the champions league, we need to keep it in the uk
take care and god bless
Hey guys, hope you all stick around and feel free to join in on some discussions. I always like to see other clubs fans, as it makes for more interesting discussions.

Again, the entire Liverpool family is on our collective thoughts during this time of remembrance.
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