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i remember watching the disaster on tv when i was a teenager, hard to believe 21 years has gone by.
a tragedy that changed so much for millions of football fans.

rest in peace to the 96 and thoughts today to their friends and families.

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their death ensures we can attend games with 100% safety and for that reason we are forever in their debt.

Huge loss to the families involved but their legacy will live on for while ever their is people attending football matches.


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Tragedies like these transcend footballing rivalries. 96 innocent people died, and needlessly at that.

There you go.

I was 9 years old. I can't remember if it was "live" on BBC Grandstand, but I do remember watching the horror unfold - not quite comprehending that the bodies on the advertising boards (makeshift stretchers) were dead.

All they did was go to a football match, and 96 souls were never to return. Also to anyone who doesn't "get" the poignancy of Hillsborough - I read this in a book once.

"This should affect everyone who's ever stood at a football match, Fate chose Sheffield that day, but it's only by the grace of God, that the Hillsborough memorial plaque isn't at another ground with our own name upon it."

I hope the families find what it is they are looking for, and more importantly find peace.

I remember ITV did a really powerful and moving docu-drama about the disaster once. I;ve never seen it again but it was so well done.

I will also say, on the final game of that season - Arsenal presented flowers to each of the Liverpool players before kickoff, a truly classy gesture. Of course they then stuffed them 0-2.
61 - 80 of 105 Posts
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