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Any of you seen what this wanker done now?
Managed to get himself kicked out of his new club.
When told he would participating in endurance running training, he simply replied with "No, we dont run at Tottenham."
Steve Bruce reacted with "What? Tottenham Reserves?" among other things.
When Ghaly saw a repeat of this endurance run would be held later in the day, he said he would not do that either, and was kicked out of the camp by Steve Bruce, all the way back to Spurs.
Tottenham later put a statement out saying that Ghaly decided to call the transfer off, contrary to a furious Steve Bruce.
Hossam Ghaly is now looking forward to a bleak future after being told by Martin Jol that he has no place at Tottenham after throwing his shirt down in disgust after being substituted earlier in the season.

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yeah hes one of these boys with a shit attitude......only thinks for himself. Steve Bruce did the corret thing cancelling the transfer, nobody wants arrogant c**ks like this at their club!!

Also when he through down his Spurs shirt was a disgrace to the manager, the club and the fans.....he's a [email protected] of.
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