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After Chelseas big breaking news :D yesterday I got to discuss about the feelings between the London clubs. A feeling I got, but my ArsE and Chelsea fan mates deny, its more important to beat United then to beat the rival neighbour.

But in a way my friends admit that its not the same to beat Chelsea/ArsE then to beat the big bad Manchester United.

I think most of you guys here dont see a win or loss over Citeh as something special comparing then winning or losing to Liverpool and/or Chelsea.

The reason why there's an extra buzz over a 'derby' game various from city to city or country to country. Sometimes its for political reasons, religious or just what social class you belong.

Dont you think all the worst hate feelings are fading away now when clubs grow so big and global and also how the history is getting wiped out by new owners and sometimes even sponsors overtake the clubs (like what happend to the major club in Salzburg) like Red Bull have done in a few places around the world.

My list of interesting derby's eventhough I have no support for any of the teams. And all for different reasons.

Ajax – Feyenoord
Anderlecht-Club Brügge
Barcelona – Real Madrid
Betis – Sevilla
Celtic – Rangers
Fenerbahce – Galatasaray
Lyon – St Etienne
Olympiakos – Panathinaikos
Roma – Lazio
Schalke 04 – Borussia Dortmund

Other derby games around Europe the media more or less writes days in advance about.

Aris Saloniki–PAOK Saloniki
Arsenal – Tottenham
Aston Villa – Birmingham
Athletic Bilbao–Real Sociedad
Bayern Münich–1860 Münich
Basel – Zürich
Benfica – Sporting CP
Besiktas – Fenerbahce
Bristol City–Bristol Rovers
CSKA Moscow – Spartak Moscow
CSKA Sofia–Levski Sofia
Everton – Liverpool
FC Copenhagen – Bröndby
Hajduk Split–Dinamo Zagreb
Hamburger SV–St Pauli
Marseille – PSG
Milan – Inter
Partizan Belgrade – Red Star Belgrade
Rapid Wien–Austria Wien
Real Madrid–Atletico Madrid
Sheffield Wednesday–Sheffield United
Steaua Bucharest – Dynamo Bucharest
Sunderland – Newcastle
Tenerife–Las Palmas
West Ham–Millwall
Wisla Krakow–Cracovia Krakow
Zenit St Petersburg–Spartak Moscow

There are other more or less hot or violent derby games like the one in Argentina between Boca Juniors and River Plate.

What is Uniteds hottest derby opponents??

Note: I havent included any of Manchester United's games in the lists.

Please add more games if you know any from around the world. Please tell us why those games are so special. If there's a political reason or what. At least I'd love to know about them.

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Sunderland newcastle-
i know i have a bit of a biased mind over this, but this is one of the most fierce rivalries in the country.

i think its coz with most derbies, its two teams in the same city, so you are probably mates with people that support the other clubs. but here, i know about three people from newcastle as mates- none are really big fans.

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To be honest, I can't see how Man City aren't hated as much as Arsenal and Chelsea.

I think you realise how much you hate a team once they start winning, so if there ever comes a time where City are a dominant force in the league then we will hate them more than we currently hate Arsenal and Chelsea.

For me the biggest games I look for are:

1. Liverpool
2. Arsenal
3. Chelsea
4. City
5. Leeds
6. Portsmouth

But in terms of who I hate the most its:

1. Liverpool
2. City
3. Arsenal
4. Chelsea
5. Portsmouth
6. Leeds

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reddwarf said:
Why do you hate Portsmouth?
Because when I was 11 moved to Portsmouth (because of my dad's job) and stayed there untill I was 22. I hate everything about the club. Mainly the fans, they're so arrogant its unbelievable, plus they don't tolerate other clubs, if you walked around Pompey with a United shirt there's a good chance you could get spat on or worse beaten up depending on where you go.

Pompey is the southern Liverpool in terms of what the fans are like.

I have moved back since though thank god.

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I don't mean to sound pedantic but Real Madrid Vs Barcelona isn't a derby match.

A derby has to be played between two teams who are located in the same area. Real Madrid Vs Atletico Madrid is a derby, because they're both in Madrid.

Celtic Vs Rangers both in Glasgow. Lazio Vs Roma share the same stadium in Rome. AC Milan Vs Inter Milan ditto.

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dlan4327 said:
I don't mean to sound pedantic but Real Madrid Vs Barcelona isn't a derby match.

They have a huge rivalry cos they are the 2 most successful teams in Spain.
Its kind of like us and the Scousers. Madrid is in central Spain and Barca is
on the coast, North East.

I like most others prefer beating the Scousers then I do against Citeh.
I prefer beating Chelsea and Arse more than them too. But the City match is
still hugely important. We owe them BIG TIME from last season so Ill be looking
forward to the matches a lot more than usual.
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