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How Long Will It Be ?????

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Before he whole of the premier league is taken over by Americans ?

Derby County are to announce at a press conference on Monday that the club have been taken over by new American owners.
Rams chairman Adam Pearson has been searching for new investment since his appointment in October and a takeover of the club has now been completed.

The new owners have not been named, but it has been reported that Derby have been negotiating with a sports management company which is heavily involved in a number of American sports.
A statement on Derby's official website said: "Derby County football club is to make a positive announcement on the club's future at a press conference to be held at Pride Park this coming Monday."

"This new investment will establish the Derby County brand worldwide through successful alliances with sporting teams in the USA, the Far East and Africa," Pearson said.,19528,11095_3078571,00.html
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some are ready to fight against the americans.......hope they succeed.......
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