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Lawbreaker1944 said:
Slovakian are our good Slavonian brothers:)
But I must say we didn't deserve 3 points with San Marino, we were lucky. And against Ireland Jan Koller won't play, who is our biggest you have a chance to win this game.
I hope so. You said you didnt deserve the 3 points against San Marino, Wow, You must have been quite poor but in all fairness Ireland didnt deserve the 3 points they got against San Marino. Maybe San marino are becoming a great force in world football?? :D Im glad Jan Koller isnt playing. He suspended/injured?
Ireland really should have got 3 points last night. Threw it away we did and annoyingly enough John O'Shea could have done more for the 2 we conceded.
Ill stop moaning now :( .....maybe !
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