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how many teams from the groups go through

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regarding euro 08, just lookin at the tables and no sure how many from each group qualify, top 2 or 3, or do top runners up count or sumink, i aint a clue, cheers
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Lawbreaker1944 said:
Slovakian are our good Slavonian brothers:)
But I must say we didn't deserve 3 points with San Marino, we were lucky. And against Ireland Jan Koller won't play, who is our biggest you have a chance to win this game.
i dont think the czechs are the same team every one feared a few years back, i watched them against the welsh at home and i thought they was lucky to win. i think the irish have a good chance midweek where as a few years back i wouldnt of said that- not in the czech republic any way. the czechs stilll have some very good players playing for them in rosicky, cech, jankulovski,koller (although he's not playing) and baros has a very good goal record for his country. the irish have run into a bit of form after a terrible start to staunton's reign- so i think this will be a close and exciting game and i'll be keeping one eye on it thats for sure.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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