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The Daily Mail - 15th December 2007 - By Bob Cass

United moving down south as fanbase reaches 333 million


Last updated at 21:50pm on 15th December 2007

No matter who comes out on top of the titanic clash of the Big Four, Manchester
United, under the watchful eye of Sir Alex Ferguson can still claim to be No 1.

They now have a staggering 333 million fans around the world, according to new
research, and are preparing to move part of their administration to London.

United have long been the butt of jokes about the high proportion of fans alleged
to live in the south of England. Now they have appointed Richard Arnold as their
new director of global partnerships, with a brief to retain current blue-chip
sponsors like AIG and Nike, and to recruit others who can help them tap into
their fanbase.

Leading sports marketing firm TNS Sport interviewed at least 1,000 people in
each of 21 markets from Ireland to Indonesiaand the results surprised even their
most bullish executives.

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real_fan said:
how many a mancunians ?

and how many actualy go to games like real fans should do :eek: :rolleyes:

asaf cohen said:
what about me, i don't go to games because i live in Australia, does that not make me a fan? what about the fact that i know their history and get up in the middle of the night every week to watch the matches. oh sorry i forgot, i don't go to the matches so i'm not a supporter.
Ignore him ...

Unless you come from Manchester,
go to every game, and hate The
Glazers you're not a fan according
to him.

It's actually beginning to wear a
bit thin now - he goes on and on
like a stuck CD ... :rolleyes:

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real_fan said:
you dont have an opinion though do you ?

you always change it to suit others now thats tediuos.

i thinking people who watch united on tv and dont do anything about going to games are like admires of united. i dont have anything against people who do that.
but i respect everyone who goes week in week out or to games like portsmouth on a mid week game etc....
An opinion on what ?

You saying "Just the 32"

No not really ...

I see now you change your tune about
those fans who don't go to games ...
good to see it. But it will soon change
again when one of them dare say he is
OK with the Glazers ...

I was actually getting worried you were losing it today ...

But you managed to tell everyone about your Moscow ticket ..... again

RD says you're a Leeds fan ... what you going to Moscow for ?

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real_fan said:
everyone who applied for a ticket through the club got one. me doing all previous euro aways get credit for it so it was nailed on cert for a lot of people.

im sure if you got ya self to OT once you would be buzzing ?

did you apply ? you have admitted yourself you dont know much, so i take it you wouldnt of known that 97p was taken out of your bank account if you were successful.

this is what what pi*ses me off with united, i have some lass from romania who lives in wales who has supported united for 3 years now thinking she can act the biggun around me. oooo your a "mod" dont swear, only agree to what others say and confess man united rule ! haha
I don't act the big one (biggun ?) around anyone, you must be thinking of
someone else sorry.

Your the big one - "look at me - I know everything" - then criticising everyone and
everything to do with United. Calling people names, acting aggressive if people
mention something you don't agree with about the Glazers and so the list goes
on. It's not me who said all this on my own, I think you will find all the staff here
feel the same.

By all means disagree with people ... accusing me of not allowing that is, yet
again, something inside your head, I told you before I have no problem with you
airing your views. But when it is criticism non-stop, it does get a bit boring.

You were told by zuco last night - by RD the night before along with a few of the
members here. You manage to alienate people with negative attitudes.

I see you have a problem with me being Romanian, being a girl and following
United for 3 years as you put it (not even close but we will use 3 to keep you
happy) ... and being Admin here ... well thats too bad really because that's the
way it is.

There are 333 million people follow United - many are foreign - get over it.

Add some positive thoughts to your posts - be a bit more positive in general and
people will warm to you I'm sure.

You don't like me or the fact I am foreign, well I don't really give a rats ass to be
honest. So you waste your tie with all that nonsense.

Just a little bit of friendly advice I offer here. Thats all, take it or leave it.

Oh and the swearing .... tut tut .... I'll overlook your outburst here as you are due
a 7-day ban for this one ... but think again before doing it, thanks.

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real_fan said:
i was in barca on wednesday so i dont think i was on here :)
Ah yes of course ...

The 'Real Fan' ...

The one who has been everywhere and knows everything ...

The one who posted here that he was at the Chelsea game ...

And posted on Red Issue he went to the FCUM game ...

Even thought the 2 games overlapped !!!!

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fazman said:
Run real fan quick quick quick
here comes zuco with his great big stick
run run run better make it quick
because they all think you chat sxxt
LMAO ...

Very good Fazzy ...

Zuco is just confused how Real Fan went to 2 games, as he stated on two
different forums, here and Red Issue - when both games overlapped.

He says all the right things,at the right time, in a rather abusive and aggressive
manner too I might add, but is it true, or is he sat at home wishing it was true ?

On several ocassions zuco and myself asked him to tone it down, be less abusive,
not to be so aggressive when people asked him things, but to no avail.

From the moment he entered this forum he was nasty to me - and it never stops -
I find it most flattering he chooses to talk about me so much, but sad too.

Sad that he thinks he has been to games but in reality he dreams of doing so.

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Stephen said:
A lot of reds don't come from Manchester, unfortunately that's true, however, ****ney reds, Irish reds do come up for games week-in, week-out, midweek for Covetnry City. He has nothing against them.

I'm sure real fan doesn't go to every game, so that's not true. A lot of reds have
been priced out too.
Unfortunately !!!

These fans who DO come from Manchester and then talk like this really do p*ss
me off.

OK then, let's take away all the money and revenues that come from these
people that are unfortunately not from Manchester and what would be left ?

A two bit little club struggling in the Championship or League one whatever !!

United NEED these fans, they crave these fans, without them the game is up !!!

Why do you think they go to the Far East looking for them ?

People like Real Fan love the glory, love the winning and then turn around and
slag off those that finance it all !!!

You can't have your cake and eat it, that's just greedy and unrealistic !!

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Forever_United said:
:eek: u said ****hole !

first warning for bad language carly . just messin :)
Wasn't me ...

It was that little man I added to my post ...

I told him no swearing and look at him ... :mad:

He knows he is in the wrong too, he's laughing as he does it !!

I'm going to kill him for this ... :D

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fazman said:
no it wasnt a helicopter it was concord they brought it out of retirement for him . I could of found out if he'd been to the nou camp with a few questions as ive been myself but I dont want to imbarriss him if he aint
It's hardly embarassing him is it ?

In for a penny in for a pound ...

Forget Concorde ...

He went to Nou Camp in the Space Shuttle ...

Landed it in the car park ...

Sat in the Royal Box with King Juan Carlos eating nachos and paella ...

And flew back in the Tardis ... which took him back in time to enable him to go
and see FCUM !!!

See ...

Easy ...

You just got to know how ;)
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