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real_fan said:
everyone who applied for a ticket through the club got one. me doing all previous euro aways get credit for it so it was nailed on cert for a lot of people.

im sure if you got ya self to OT once you would be buzzing ?

did you apply ? you have admitted yourself you dont know much, so i take it you wouldnt of known that 97p was taken out of your bank account if you were successful.

this is what what pi*ses me off with united, i have some lass from romania who lives in wales who has supported united for 3 years now thinking she can act the biggun around me. oooo your a "mod" dont swear, only agree to what others say and confess man united rule ! haha
Do you go to the games to support United or do you actually go to the games to come on here to tell us you go to the games and for top bragging rights!!!

From previous posts, you will be a diehard FC United fan so hopefully your tickets will be going to fans who go to OT for the sole reason of supporting the club.

According to your views, there are only 76,000 United fans in the world or 8,000 if you say away games qualify as being a fan. Amazing then innit that those 8,000 can generate enough revenue on their own to provide huge transfer budgets to sign the likes of Rooney/Tevez/Hargreaves/Carrick/Nani/Anderson and the list goes on.

People with views like you on Utd aint needed anywhere round the club.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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