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Yes i think the thing we miss about him most is his intelligence, being a winner and his discipline whatever job he does. Like he offers more drive to the team than carrick and ive always said that carrick never offers drive to a team with his style of play. The difference between him and berbatov are that even though both are experienced players, hargo is more experienced in terms of winning things, being a champion so to speak with bayern and we could with a head like his at this time of the season, its priceless.

Ofcourse the versatility part is also a huge miss and i think along with him we miss brown abit too if im being honest. He had that right back position on lock last year with his strenght and he had some nice assists with his crosses too, we miss them both imo.

I agree some of our other midfielders have not been at there best such as anderson but i think fergie made some mistakes in terms of team selection yesterday possibly. Its easy to speak in hindsight ofcourse but i think he should have played the team that lost to liverpool and redeem themselves but thats just the way it is i guess.

We'll have to send a message against villa now to the rest of the premiership.

pz! :cool:
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