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He's been a massive loss to us this season in quite a few areas of the pitch.

When we've been short of a right back he would have played there. Not that our defense has been bad obviously, but he'd have offered a hell of a lot more going forward than O' Shea. He's solid defensively and has the pace to recover if he makes a mistake. He's also great going forward, can go past a player when he needs to and is one of the best crossers of the ball in our team.

When we've needed a battler in midfield he'd have been in there hustling, making tackles and breaking up play, instead we've had other players who aren't on a par with him: Fletcher, who is actually having a decent season but isn't close to Hargo in quality. Anderson, who has failed to continue his form from last season and has been quite poor. And Carrick, by all accounts he's been quality this season, but in games like the Liverpool one we need someone who will get into a dogfight in the middle and take charge of the game and he simply never does that.

I think we've also missed him on the right wing. Nani simply hasn't performed this season and although he hasn't had many opportunities to prove himself, he simply hasn't done it when given the chance. Park is a brilliant grafter and will run his little heart out for the team, but he offers very little in an attacking sense. Fletcher should never ever get anywhere near the right wing. His crossing is poor, he's pretty slow and he can't dribble past a player. Hargreaves would have been our best option because of the reasons I stated earlier, pace, ability to beat a man when necessary and excellent crossing ability.

The last area we've missed him for is set pieces. Ronaldo scores one every now and again, but the large majority of them go straight into the wall , miles wide or into row Z. Hargreaves scored two free kicks for us last season and seemed to hit the target with most of his others. The close range free kicks around the edge of the area should ALL be taken by him, because Ronaldo struggles to get the ball up over the wall and down again from such a short distance.

So there we have it, although we're still having a great season, I think if Hargreaves was fit we'd have been running away with the league by now.
Hit the nail on the head:specool:
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