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How is Owen Hargreaves progressing in his comeback from injury?

(Alex Ferguson answers);

His operations have gone perfectly well, he’s feeling good about them and he’ll be back in action for the start of the season in August. Hopefully, that’s the end of that because the lad’s had a torrid time. He came back after his problems last year at a really vital time in the season, against Barcelona, Arsenal and then Chelsea in the Champions League final, and he was absolutely brilliant. His experience and pace were of great benefit to us, and we can look forward to having that again next season. Everyone recognises that we’ve got tremendous riches in central midfield, but Owen will play his part and become very important for us.
yes. he was vital last season. he complements scholes and carrick in everyway. thought not really a good passer of the ball(but a very good crosser of it), he has that passion for winning the ball back. something i think has really been lacking in all of our games. he's our very own makelele.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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