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They make a huge difference IMO...

...take the top 4

Arsenal; Gallas gave up on his team at Birmingham
Chelsea; Their defence is a shambles without Terry
Liverpool; Gerrard virtually carries his team...
Man Utd; Rio played like a leader last year

A captain needs to be mentally stronger then the others and also put in performances
on the pitch. They rally the troops on the field and in a way, they are the onfield
manager. I was captain of my own team for two years, and always felt like my mates
were always seeking my advice.

I always believed that captains should be a central figure. If they are at the back, they
can see exactly what is going on. For me, Rio was an awesome stand in captain for
Neville. Giggsy was good too, but as a leader, Rio wins out IMO...

...One thing aboy Rio that I really admire is that when he was done for missing that
drugs test, (Got, he had blonde hair back then :rolleyes:) he sat aside and his loyalties
kept him at the club and he's moved on to bigger and better things. I know many
United fans who were out raged that he missed the test and wanted him gone.
They're awfully quiet now...

...despite my theory about captains playing in a defensive role, I'm fairly sure that
Uniteds next captain will be Wayne. I don't understand managers who don't think the
captains role is important.. to answer your question, I think they are vital to the teams morale and overall

I can't wait to see Gary back for us and leading us out...
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