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Despite Arsene Wenger's claims that Arsenal would win The Double this season,
his side are out of Europe and barely keeping pace in the Premier League with a
decisive game against us on Sunday.

Lose that game and Arsenal will be all but guaranteed not to win any silverware
in what started off as their most promising season in years - but a win could see
the title race swing back to a battle between three teams.

The question is how will their latest defeat affect their performance against us?

It could go one of two ways - with only one competition to play for Arsenal could
draw on all their reserves to ensure their season isn't all over by April and they
have scored some impressive wins at Old Trafford, including taking the title.

Emmanual Adebayour remains optimistic, "I believe it's still possible for us to win
the League but we have to lift ourselves, keep our focus and keep our mentality
strong. I think we will show that at Old Trafford, and stay in the battle for the

However, Arsenal's loss against Liverpool, which involved two dubious penalty
decisions against them, will be hard to take and they have already struggled to
comeback from defeat this season - most notably after we beat them in the FA

Since that game Arsenal have only won two of their twelve games with a series of
draws destroying their Premier League lead while defeats to rival Big Four clubs,
Chelsea and Liverpool, have questioned their big game attitude.

Let us know how you think Arsenal will react against us come Sunday

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first of all, there is the question of freshness in arsenal team. fabregas, toure, gallas, played full 90 mins in the three games against liverpool, and hleb and adebayor, arsenal major threats, played plenty of minutes also, and the unsung hero in the impressive arsenal team, flamini is probably doubtful for this match and his replacement gilberto silva is not the same player he was, and he does not provide as much energy as flamini provides for arsenal(flamini can cover up to 15km each match!!). in the other hand, we rested rooney , ronaldo, scholes and evra against roma, and all of them are likely starters in the match. so, even arsenal wants to give it all against us, physically they might not be able to do it.

Mentally, arsene wenger's team is not well known for their bounce-backability, and i dun see how they can bounce back from a very disappointing result against liverpool, in a match against us, at old trafford. especially when they are still whining about how unlucky they are and how the big decisions went against them over the two legs. their mind could well be on the liverpool match when they are playing against us.

so, i am quite confident that we can take all three points against them, and just like last season, arsenal will see their season crumpled into pieces in space of less than one week.

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Arsene Wenger's claiming that Arsenal would win the Double this season is already in dreamland, so this Sunday Sir Alex will pat him on his back to wake him up after the match ends in the Theatres Of Dream. Sir Alex... "It's all over Wenger, try harder next Season."

I totally agree with Yang on his analysis on the Morale and Strength to play against us who has the luxuries to rest players for Sunday's Big Game. Their players should be rather worn out after playing the scoucers over the 2 weeks.

What's lost is lost...
Game Over for Arsenal in the theatres of dream this Sunday...
3 Points Manchester United...

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Carly - this is an fantastic question (and not just because I have been thinking exactly the same thing!).

All indications and precedents would suggest that arse might be more than a little disconsulate when they come to Old Trafford on Sunday. They know now that their chances for any silverware this season have virtually disappeared.

At a point like this, a team needs very strong leaders - and arsenal does not seem to have any. They are a team, starting with their manager, that revels in self pity and now believes that the world is firmly against them. Given all this, they shouldn't put up much of a fight on Sunday.

However, because they would take great satisfaction in denting United's title hopes, I believe they will come out storming on Sunday. If they get the first goal, it will be a tough game.

If we get it....well, woe is arsenal! :D

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If Arsenal beat us then they have a better chance than us of wining the league,they have an easier run in than us,but I have a sneaky feeling that we will beat them at OT. so unitl two more games have been played its anyones from the top 3.

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It could go either way.

Arsenal may develop a 'we were robbed' attitude and be determined to salvage something from their season. If they beat us at Old Trafford they are back in the title race...especially if it's a draw when we play at Stamford Bridge.

On the otherhand, they may develop a 'our season is over' attitude. They have only won 2 of their last 12 games and one of those was an incredible (and lucky in some respects) comeback against Bolton. They look tired and realistically have little chance of winning anything this season.

I think their season is over and reckon we'll win by a couple of goals. The atmosphere at Old Trafford will be great and we managed to rest our key players whereas all of Arsenal's tired stars had to play mid-week.

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We will play them off the park like we did in the 4-0 trashing. I say minimum 3-0 win for Man United! The pool players finished their CL hopes and its our job to bury any EPL title hopes that they got. We have no excuse to lose (unless the ref is an idiot like vs Pompey). We rested Scholes, Evra, Ronaldo, Rooney and Nani might be fit and we are at Old Trafford. They also have heaps of injuries like to Sagna, Rosicky, Eduardo, Flamini, Diaby (suspension) and they did not manage to rest anyone at all for our game unlike us. With the form Rooney (4 goals in 3 starts) Ronaldo (37 goals speak for itself lol) Scholes, Park, Carrick, Rio, and VDS have hit we should do fine especially because we are playing in our own backyard. A draw would be a bad result especially with Chelsea right behind us and a loss would be shocking imo. Okay yes Arsenal have come here before and beaten us but look at the form they are in this time around plus the injuries! We cannot lose this!!
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