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forzaunited said:

who do ****ty think they are... !!!

what this footballer says is commen sence but truthful. hopefully we can buy him at a later date perhaps?
No chance, Madrid would never sell to us unless Ronaldo was involved in the deal, would of LOVED to see Huntleaar in the premiership, his record in dutch football is impressive, but it is the ducth league after all, he would of been worth the gamble, if you look at others who have come over like RVn did really well, but then again you have others like Kuyt and Alves who have just been average whereas they were prolific in Holland. And on topic about City, I really doubt any high profile will join them until they win something but saying that Robinho came, they'll purchase players in January no doubt but I doubt you'll see anyone big moving such as Kaka.
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