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Hypocrites! Keane slams rival bosses over respect and saves fiercest criticism for Ferguson

Roy Keane yesterday branded his fellow managers hypocrites over their attitude to referees and even took a swipe at his former boss Sir Alex Ferguson.

Keane launched a passionate attack on top-flight bosses for failing to control themselves, their players and their coaching staff, while ostensibly supporting the new campaign to respect officials.

Any Comment?:(

sorted your colour/size that you tried to do.

Thank You Sal!!:)

I presume you mean this..

Sunderland manager Roy Keane has hit out at the "hypocrisy" of some of his Premier League colleagues over their demand for more respect for referees.

A series of high-profile incidents of officials being abused has prompted leading managers to demand protection for match referees.

But Keane told BBC Radio 5 Live: "There are a lot of hypocrites out there.

"The same bosses talking about players showing respect have been sent off themselves for abusing officials."

Liverpool midfielder Javier Mascherano's reaction to being sent off by Steve Bennett against Manchester United last week is the latest in a succession of incidents in which officials have been confronted.

Football Association director of football development Trevor Brooking launched a £200m grassroots football scheme last week, with the aim of recruiting more referees and improving the behaviour of players on the pitch towards match officials.

And he says a fresh approach will be looked at next season in a bid to protect referees.

Meanwhile, Keane added: "I've made it clear to everyone here - from the academy to the first team - that a lack of respect towards referees will not be tolerated.

"But I've seen other managers come out and demand respect. How can the players show respect if their manager does not?"

Keane was famously heavily criticised in 1999 when, as United captain, he led the unsightly charge on referee Andy D'Urso after he awarded Middlesbrough a penalty at Old Trafford.

However, the Irishman has garnered a more reserved reputation as a manager.

No where does he criticise/or take a swipe at SAF nor even mention his name.
Keano is a very clever man and one of the few who understands
the real world of fotball.
Keano is a plain talker, says what he means and is not affraid
to speak his mind. Others try to twist his words or change them to
something he has not said.

anyway..moved to football banter as it's not Utd Chat.

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Or is it this instead?

Source: The Mirror

Roy Keane has branded fellow Premier League bosses "hypocrites" over the abuse of referees - with his former boss Sir Alex Ferguson in the firing line.

Sunderland boss Keane says bosses are "an absolute disgrace" for preaching to players about respecting referees - after they have been sent off themselves for dishing out foul abuse.

Keane did not directly name his targets, but only last week Manchester United boss Ferguson insisted his club "respected referees".

However, that wasn't the case when Fergie was sent off against Bolton in November and was given a two-match ban for a confrontation with Mark Clattenburg.

Keane's anger may have been triggered by a TV appearance of Fergie last week when he claimed the "haranguing of referees (had become) ridiculous" and that Keane's infamous vein-popping rage at Andy D'Urso eight years ago was a turning point for United.

Old Trafford legend Keane said: "There's a lot of hypocrites out there. Managers saying we've got to respect officials and yet they're being sent off themselves. Was Sir Alex sent off against Bolton this year? You tell me.

"Sometimes it's more the staff, and managers stepping back and letting them act like that. That is ten times worse. If any of my staff did the same they'd know about it

Or this?

Source: The Sun

ROY KEANE sensationally singled out Alex Ferguson last night in an astonishing attack on Premier League bosses.

The Sunderland chief branded Prem managers ‘hypocrites' for screaming abuse at match officials — and named and shamed his former Manchester United boss as one of the offenders.

Keane was incensed at Fergie for claiming ref Martin Atkinson was on Portsmouth's side in their FA Cup win over United.

The FA are still studying Fergie's explanation for his outburst and he has not yet been charged.

Keane raged: “There's a lot of hypocrites out there in football.

“Managers are saying we've got to respect the officials and yet they're being sent off themselves.

“It surprised me to see United speaking about the ref. He (Fergie) wasn't the only one. United always taught me to be gracious losers. But they weren't that day.â€

Lol... Tabloids. Slightly different quotations quoted.

In any case, I have to agree with Keano's bottomline. If the managers are ranting and screaming from the sideline at the referee, how respectful do you think the players would be towards the same referee? It is almost like a come-on signal.

So which managers are guilty of such a 'leadership'? Just use our eyes every week.:eek: :eek:

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More read on the topic...

Source: The Sun

LIVERPOOL defender Alvaro Arbeloa has told Manchester United and Chelsea to lay off referees.

The Spaniard launched an amazing attack on his Premier League rivals for ranting at refs in the same week Anfield team-mate Javier Mascherano saw red for dissent.

And Arbeloa, 25, blasted Red Devils boss Alex Ferguson for putting pressure on officials before big games.

In the run up to United's crunch league clash with Liverpool last Sunday, Ferguson called for the men in black to give Cristiano Ronaldo more protection.

Fergie also slammed players who mob refs — and Kop right-back Arbeloa feels those comments played a part in Steve Bennett's decision to give Mad Masch a second yellow card in the 3-0 defeat at Old Trafford.

Arbeloa said: “Ferguson has a lot of experience. He's been doing the same thing for many years. When Ferguson speaks people tend to listen. So many times of course this affects the referee.

“The problem is Manchester United's players, and also Chelsea players, put enormous pressure on the referees.

“But we at Liverpool are not doing that and still seem to lose out.

“Whereas, every time there is a foul, they go two or three of them together to complain to the referee.

“We don't do that and, at times, this ends up being very important in the result.â€

Mascherano seemed oblivious to the uproar caused by Ashley Cole's show of dissent to ref Mike Riley at Tottenham just four days previous.

The Argie was booked in the 10th minute for a challenge on Paul Scholes.

But Liverpool's players were fuming because they believed Scholes, Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic escaped unpunished for fouls on Kop hotshot Fernando Torres.

Mascherano angrily confronted the officials seven times at Old Trafford before Bennett finally lost patience and dished out a second yellow card.

The midfielder now faces an FA rap for failing to leave the pitch.

Arbeloa insists Liverpool have been victimised.

Big-name stars like United's Wayne Rooney and Chelsea skipper John Terry have come under the spotlight for questioning referees' decisions.

Terry was overlooked for the England captaincy in France this week with many believing his behaviour was the reason behind it.

Arbeloa made his own international debut for Spain as a substitute against Italy on Wednesday.

But he was still steaming over last Sunday's defeat to United.

He said: “The truth is, you're left with a very bad taste in the mouth when you play such a big derby and the ref is like that.

“In England, they never give you a yellow card in the first five minutes for what Mascherano did.

“United's players were making similar challenges and the ref didn't react in the same way. He left them unpunished.

“Fernando Torres suffered a lot at the hands of Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic and that is precisely why he complained and ended up being booked before Mascherano got sent off.

“The ref made a mistake but now we can't do anything.â€

Mad Masch, 23, will definitely miss tomorrow's huge Merseyside derby with Everton through suspension.

But his reluctance to leave the Old Trafford pitch and his angry reaction to being sent off could add another two matches to his ban.

Liverpool's players and boss Rafa Benitez tried to calm the midfielder down.

But Arbeloa is miffed that Mascherano may face a longer suspension.

Arbeloa added: “I can't believe that they could ban Mascherano for three games. Are you kidding?â€

The next two weeks are massive for Liverpool.

After facing their nearest rivals for fourth spot tomorrow, they have to play Arsenal three times. The Reds travel to the Emirates on Wednesday for the first leg of their Champions League quarter-final encounter.

And they return to North London three days later to play in the Premier League.

The Gunners then make the trip to Anfield for the second leg of the European tie on April 8.

Despite the triple-header with Arsenal, Arbeloa stressed the battle with the Reds' bitter city rivals is the showdown everyone is focusing on.

He said: “It's the most important game of the season for Liverpool. A lot is at stake for us.

“We're two points ahead of them and if we beat them it would increase the gap by three points.

“Winning the Champions League is very difficult so what we have to do is ensure we are in the competition next season and that means we have to beat Everton.

âœWe're playing our entire season in 10 days. They are four hugely important matches — but Everton is the biggest of them all.â€

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the hypocrisy for me here is the ringleader of the tormentors as a player coming over holier than thou now hes a manager .

roy was our finest player while at the club but he harrassed refs at every opportunity .

how soon he forgets his own behavior as a player . roy could start a row in an empty room

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haggler said:
the hypocrisy for me here is the ringleader of the tormentors as a player coming over holier than thou now hes a manager .

roy was our finest player while at the club but he harrassed refs at every opportunity .

how soon he forgets his own behavior as a player . roy could start a row in an empty room

Lol. How can we ever forget the once-too-often vein-bulging fiery looks of Keano and his dagger stare? Or how he would chase the referees all over the pitch, ranting and raving, just to lend his thoughts voluntarily and forcibly, biased or not?

But credit to him, he does seem to have sobered considerably and now often seen in deep thoughts rather than ranting or raving these days. Perhaps he has indeed matured and grown wiser. Perhaps he has indeed changed. Or perhaps after being no longer a player himself, he sees players doing what he did and now sees his old self as nothing glamourous but plain stupid and ugly.

Sometimes, the most hardcore or worst criminals, having been there, done that, do come to realise the merits and demerits, the wisdom and folly, much better than an ordinary person.

If indeed true, then hypocrisy may no longer be applicable here....

Thus far, I have been speaking like a sensible, neutral football-loving nice chappie.:)

But as a United fan in an intense game (especially when we are behind), it is another matter altogether....

"WTF!!! Sod the damned ref!!!....."

And they call it "Passion".:D ;)

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i cant help but wonder if keano was at a club with expectations of winning something he would view things differently .

He has very little pressure on him at sunderland and its easy to be laid back when in that situation .

Put him in charge of united and within 2 months he would be spitting bile veins bulging again no bother

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This one perhaps looks more authentic for sure....

Source: The Times, London

In comments that will provoke splutterings of consternation at Old Trafford, Roy Keane has condemned some of his fellow managers as "hypocrites" for demanding that players show greater deference to officials.

While the Sunderland manager did not identify Alex Ferguson, few at Manchester United will question the target of their former captain's ire.

In response to some recent high-profile incidents and the FA's Respect the Referee initiative, Ferguson said last weekend that "the haranguing of referees is absolutely ridiculous -- we know that. It's not right. Since the situation with Andy D'Urso, we've not done anything like that." In January 2000, a furious Keane led a posse of United players in pursuing D'Urso.

The Irishman regrets that infamous episode -- described as "a pivotal moment" by Ferguson -- and since his move into the dugout, he has consistently shown restraint on the touchline.

While he has been critical of officials after matches, asking whether "it's more than coincidence" Sunderland have been the victim of poor decisions, he has been courteous in public.

Not all of his peers, including Ferguson, can make a similar claim and Keane's response yesterday was withering.

"There's a lot of hypocrites out there in football," he said. "You hear other managers -- and I'm talking big managers -- talking about respecting referees, but the same managers have been sent off for (using) foul and abusive language. Makes me sick, some of them."

Ferguson and Martin O'Neill, the Aston Villa manager, have been sent to the stands this season. The Scot was dismissed at half-time during United's 1-0 defeat away to Bolton Wanderers on November 24 after confronting the referee, Mark Clattenburg. "I told him how bad he was and he didn't like it," Ferguson said at the time.

In the week of his appointment on Wearside, Keane informed his backroom staff that showing dissent to officials would not be tolerated, a message he has also delivered to the Sunderland youth team. Rather than heap further opprobrium on Ashley Cole and Javier Mascherano, Keane believes an example should be set.

"A lot of it comes down to the managers and how they behave," he said. "You watch and sometimes it's not them, but their staff, which is worse because the managers are letting their staff carry on that way. There's one club in particular which is a disgrace, an absolute disgrace." Keane refused to confirm whether this was a reference to Reading.

Keane was asked if his "hypocrite" comment was aimed at Ferguson. "Was he sent off against Bolton this year, at Bolton at half-time? I don't know, you tell me," he said.

"We're all bad losers, but if we're going to be coming out and saying, 'Let's respect officials and make sure the players do', and you're not doing it, how can you expect the players to do it?"

This month, Ferguson blamed Martin Atkinson, the referee, for contributing to United's home defeat by Portsmouth in the sixth round of the FA Cup. "It surprised me and he wasn't the only one," Keane said. "Carlos Queiroz (the United assistant manager), I think Cristiano Ronaldo came out. Man United always taught me to be gracious losers. They weren't that day."

Despite working together for 12 years, Keane's relationship with Ferguson has never been intimate. Whether his outburst will assist Sunderland's cause in securing the permanent transfer of Jonny Evans from United is debatable.

Keane was equally abrasive about the media profile of some former players. "Mascherano and Cole were out of order. They've apologised, but then you get ex-players coming out of their holes and being offered a grand to slag someone off," he said. "They're all hypocrites. Half of these people, they cheated on their wives and yet they're slagging players off. Idiots, absolute idiots."

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O'Shea reveals Fergie's ref advice

After the tongue lashing from Keane that seems to implicate Fergie, read this for another perspective....

Source: Ireland On-line

Manchester United know how to respect referees, according to John O'Shea.

The Republic of Ireland defender revealed the squad have been given guidance by manager Alex Ferguson on the correct way to behave.

The lack of empathy between players and officials has been highlighted in recent weeks.

Chelsea's Ashley Cole first turned his back on referee Mike Riley but was not sent off for his petulance.

Then, on Sunday, Javier Mascherano was sent off for Liverpool in the 3-0 defeat by United for constantly talking to Steve Bennett.

O'Shea said: “The manager has told us to avoid any incidents that may happen.

“We have to get on with it and leave the referee alone. That is his experience.

“I think we all realised during the week that it was – with the Ashley Cole incident – you had to be very careful.

“The referees were probably thinking in their own minds that this was a good time to get the attention on the so-called lack of respect. The majority of players do give respect though.â€

Ferguson said: “Our discipline record is very good, one of the best in the country. I feel we are a fair team.â€

United aim to tighten their grip on top spot this evening when they face Martin O'Neill's Aston Villa at Old Trafford.

Villa have not won in the league at the ground since November 1983 and their form has dipped in recent weeks.

However Ferguson, who will be without midfielder Darren Fletcher for six weeks with knee ligament injury, is expecting a rough ride.

He said: “The great and most interesting thing about Martin is he works with a small squad, maybe 17-18 players.

“He picks the same team every week and it is a testament to their endurance they are still pushing for a UEFA Cup place.

“We will have a job on our hands and I am looking forward to the challenge.â€

Meanwhile club captain Gary Neville is scheduled to continue his protracted comeback from an ankle injury with the reserves on Monday.

Ferguson added: “Gary is improving very well. He has done a fll week in training at a good level.â€

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You know what the idiotic thing is about yapping at the referrees is? It almost always has the opposite effect.

I played on a hockey team for years - where a number of the guys screamed at the refs constantly. Result: we were penalized twice as much as any other team.

But they continued to do can't account for some peoples children.

moondog said:
You know what the idiotic thing is about yapping at the referrees is? It almost always has the opposite effect.

I played on a hockey team for years - where a number of the guys screamed at the refs constantly. Result: we were penalized twice as much as any other team.

But they continued to do can't account for some peoples children.
Good point. It's pointless to shout at a referee.

I've never once seen a referee change his mind because a player shouted at him.

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Roy is the only man in the world at the moment who could get away with blasting

He's right to. We all hate to criticize him and love to sing his praises, but
really.....Fergie does give ref's a hard time.

I'm not saying he does this week in week out, but hen we loose or something big
happens he laments the ref.

Remember the FA Cup exit to Portsmouth? He slaughtered the ref for his poor
decisions. Fair enough, poor decisions were made, but we had enough bloody
chances to win that game easily!

When Fergie comes out complaining at the lack o respect to ref's, really he should
have a look at himself.

Still adore the bloke! Roll on Fergie! ;)

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Roy Keane being Roy Keane will never change his attitude. He speak his mind alright..but to tell other Managers hypocrites is like making a slap on his own face.

Some media are rubbish, but some are not...manipulations are part and parcel of media job...thats for sure.

Keano outburst will never stop here. How long can he last standing at the box shouting at his player only? Sooner or later he will get frustrated by the referee...and then you will see the "not-hypocrites" Keano!

But anyway I respect Keano...being one of the Red Devils Legend with his fighting spirit..."THERE WILL BE NO OTHER ROY KEANE" Barclays Premier League!!!
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