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With Darren saying Fergie may retire in two years it got me thinking (ARF-i know!!)

would you rather,in his last two seasons SAF lead us.....

to title 18 and 19 in the Premiership-overtaking those murdering scouse bin dipping rat eaters and well and truly knock them of "their ******* perch" BUT they win they're 6th CL......


win the CL to make it 4 and then equal those murdering scouse bin dipping rat eaters on 5 CL's each BUT no 18th or 19th Prem......

For me even though i'd hate to see them win the Champions League again,i would rather have the first scenario-to me the league is bread and butter.thoughts???

Oh and the scousers think we are obsessed with them, PFFFFTT:whistling::ph34r:
toughie this one. just a few hypothetical questions. who would win the league if we didn't?

if it wasn't the scouse then, consider the fact that we would have won 3 back to back champions leagues, to equal their record and they were still no further away from us in the leagues.

having said that, we would have won 4 back to back leagues with the first one.

hm, i'm leaning towards the second one, but the league is the bread and butter, 38 game slog :confused:

i'll take the leagues, since i ribbed the scousers so much about not being able to win their own league but playing 13 games and winning the european cup.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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