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I don't know where to put this but....

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i have to comment a move that shocked me , that SAF made over weekend...

i mean - ok, he put all 4 of them after we'd scored the 4th,and most of us were thinking the match had been won...

but then, after they scored 2 , and rooney being shown the yellow and looking very nervous, i thought he would take him off and put a central midflielder cos it was bloody obvious that only 2 men can't control the midflield , and that they were constantly cruising around our box, he decides to make a midfielder for midfielder change....i was,like WTF ???? and in fact he introduced a slower and less aggressive player ???

strange is all i can say - we could have finished with sheasy-anderson-carrick midfield (or giggs ) - and roo-ron-tev, or tev-ron-berba attack....

your thoughts - btw - if this has already been said,you can merge it with other thread
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sweet fa said:
your spot on ! and whenever rooney gets a yellow card for something crazy he should be substituted immediatly because the majority of the time he will go on to get sent off.

Since the 2005/2006 campaign, He has only gotten two bookings in one match, and that was in the Villareal on September 14, while he has gotten 42 yellows (for both club and country) and 1 red (which English fans might remember;) ). I think Wayne knows how to play with a booking.

(Not counting the pre-season match last year which was a complete travesty of a red card.)
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