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CROoney said:
Banana-rama said:
I don't think this was really worthy of a whole thread. In every match there are subs that you maybe don't agree with, this should be in the match day thread.
At the end of the day Sir Alex is a 4-4-2 manager so you just have to accept it.[/QUOTE]
lol - what does this have to do with my question is - "why did he opt for 4-2-4 when it was bloody obvious that only 2 players can't hold the midfield together "
It has been strange to observe that for a long time now. He generally replaces Nani with Tevez which looks strange since then we have 3 strikers and ronaldo on the pitch, which i am sure is not whats needed everytime but that is one time where he can try them out.

I am sure a manager of his experience knows he cannot possibly play all 4 of them together, not without giving goals away (not that i am questioning his understanding of the game would be very silly of me) but more of the necessity of giving tevez some playing time.

Some of his substitution have been questionable but if there is someone who can prove us worng then it is SAF.
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