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I had to watch Arsenal last night...

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Man Utd was not on tv at my pub so i was forced to watch the Gooners.

Anyway the point is that they look good this season. Much stronger than i'd given them credit for. I also watched them play against Spurs where they looked really good. They are top the the table for a reason and i think they're just as strong as Chelsea and Liverpool. Anyone who doubts them should watch them.

Everyone has been talking about Chelsea and Liverpool but Arsenal are just as big a thread.

I still think we'll win the league anyway, our squad is far better than everyones but Arsenal do look sharp... Saying that a few injuries and Arsenal would be screwed.
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I agree they do look very good. I think Henrys departure has helped them in some ways. This season will go to the wire. We all know there are 4 teams capable of winning it. A lot will depend on injuries and that little bit of good fortune. Mourihno leaving Chelsea has seriously damaged their chances, along with injuries and Shevchenko playing, which is geat news for us. Liverpool too look much stronger this year but they are always prone to dropping a few points. Benitez rotation policy will certainly hinder their chances imo. They wont show the consistency needed to win. They are starting to pick up a few injuries also like Alonso and Agger being out for 6 weeks. All these things add up and its where the luck comes in. As for Arsenal they could very well be our biggest challengers. They have a great team but if they pick up a few injuries they could be in trouble.
As for us we will be grand. We still havent hit 4th gear yet but are still winning games 1-0. Fine by me. :)
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People aren't predicting anything for Arsenal this year, which is a big mistake. They will be our main rivals for the title now that Jose has gone. I've got them down for winning the league in the fantasy betting forum. They've been given 12 points start
although arsenal are playing great football at home this season thats no diff to last season they was passing teams off the park last season and the year before. away games is where they come unstuck, last year when they was playing teams who like to get stuck in, they can't handle the physical side of the game they have already dropped points in there 1st *tough* away game at blackburn and i expect them to drop a lot more points when teams play hard against them. yes they got a top result last weekend at spurs but spurs are also a football team and tried to play them at a football match and they lost big time. our success over arsenal has always been to get stuck in and thats how we beat them but last year we tried to play them at football and to be quite honest they hammered us at old trafford last season coz we let them play. i rreally do believe that they dont have enuff steal in there side to combat the tough away games and i believe they will be closer to us than last year but still quite a few points behind.

and all those that want to argue with me im gonna show this thread at the end of the season :0)

oh and richard reds get sky or at least go to another pub that is showing utd
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They do look good this season, but i still think they will only finish 3rd or 4th! :)
i agree rooneyno10 and so do the bookies they are still 4th favs for the title
andycole9 said:
oh and richard reds get sky or at least go to another pub that is showing utd
I hadn't thought of that... thanks for the advice...
RichardsReds said:
I hadn't thought of that... thanks for the advice...
lol if youre gonna get sarci at least put a face in with the rolling eyes ;)
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