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I have not been a big Rio fan

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There seems to be a great desire on this forum for people to admit when they're
wrong. :)

Ever since Rio got to united I have not been a fan. I felt he was overrated and overpaid. I thought It was only when Vidic got here that united became a defensive fortress - resulting in one pl title, and hopefully a second. I also didn't like the way Rio seemed to blame everyone else when a goal was scored against us.

In the last few games however, with Vidic out, Rio has been a rock. I am now beginning to see what people have been claiming for a while. He is a fantastic defender, and has been key to our success.

If he can get rid of playing the blame game, he would be an excellent choice for the next united captain.

And yes, I was wrong! :D
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the thing that people think about rio is because he doesnt make last ditch tackles he isnt a good defender but the fact is that he organises the defence so well n reads the game so good that he doesnt caught in such positions and in fact thats the sign of a true leader and defender......and to add on to that hes perfetc with 1 v 1s and incredible on the ball
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