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Since the beginning of the 21st century, there is a strange connection among la Liga and the Premier League.This it consists of that have been formed "couples" that win the respective competitions the same years:


2001: Real Madrid
2002: Valencia
2003: Real Madrid
2004: Valencia
2005: Barcelona
2006: Barcelona
2007: Real Madrid

Premier League

2001: Manchester United
2002: Arsenal
2003: Manchester United
2004: Arsenal
2005: Chelsea
2006: Chelsea
2007: Manchester United

This year, Real Madrid has the league conquered... The tradition will be maintained? I believe that if, you?:D

PD: Sorry for my bad english.

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Stephen said:
Fair does, sorry :D

"Watch yourself" as any point of his which comes across in any way bad way, any sort of insults could fly ;)
Well fair enough but remember we like to welcome anyone here ...

I am a member of a Liverpool Forum and they have been good to me

And I have given them some grief on a few ocassions but despite this they have
always been fair to me.

So for now we'll give him the benefit of the doubt ... :)

Thanks, your a goodun really ... :p

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You're on a liverpool forum! Why in hells name would you put yourself through the pain of that?

Jazz 16 said:
Ive had that a week or 2 now. Zuco made the watery effect thingy......
Dont ask me how, cos Ive no idea :confused:
Can't believe it took me 2 weeks to notice that.... Maybe someone can give me a wicked sig at some point... Zuco if you read PM me ;)
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