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dear ron
Dont listen to the other boys ronnie - my love for you is still strong --mmmm those tanned pecs and lithe thighs mmmm that pert but manly bottom mmm .

They saw your 2009 calendar and realised they would never have your looks talent or money so now they turn on you like a bunch of hungry rats .

did you not win the double on your own last year ? but are they gratefull ?

Maybe they do not see the grace in which you fall as if poleaxed the same way as i do

Anyway how ya doing i never got a reply too my love notes -- maybe i sent them and carlos took them for himself

i got all your posters and your pictures man -- i even got your tatoo on my buttocks and i showed it to my gran

Dear mr im too pretty to answer my fans - i waited for three hours in the pouring rain and you wouldnt sign the thirty shirts i had with me for the kiddies --- you said i would sell em on ebay ---- who do ya think you are ? ringo starr :eek:

dear ron ive drunk 7 cans of tramp juice n im getting in my car to drive to the bp do ya dare me to drive ? whats that noise -- ive got kenyon in the trunk as he stopped us gittin ronaldinho an hes gonna die!


damn wheres haggs ---- oh no he meant it damn i wish id smiled after that goal against the baggies now :eek:

ROFLMAO, hags you are on some serious drugs...if you're not then you bloody well should be mate !! :D :D :D :D

Another post that's going into the "classic posts " thread in the pub. :D
You own that thread mate.
Might even have to rename it !! :D ;)


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WTF? of course he is still a manchester united player, and yeah he acted like a first class dick in the summer, and we all have the right to be royally pi**ed off at him but while he is still wearing a red shirt i think we need to support him otherwise i wont jst effect him it will effect the moral of the whole team!!
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