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Grant is a boring sod and i miss Jose already, his press his charm... He was good for football. Grant is such a boring tard. I don't care if Chelsea get worse either, i enjoyed the competition and the match atmosphere. Where did Grant even come from and why did he get the job.
As a Man Utd its hardly top my worries or concerns but it is a bit of a loss for the premiership. Anyone else feelings the same?

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Now that he's not blue anymore, I can admit, I like Mourihno.

One line did it for me

REPORTER "After being sacked from Chelsea, do you still think your Special?"
MOURIHNO " Just ask my wife"

what a ****ing legend.

How can you not like someone who says that?!

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Mourinho, thanks for listening,
you really kept our trophy glistening,
we took it back,
and you got the sack,
walkin' in a Fergie wonderland!

I thought Mourinho was a very good manager so I'm glad he's gone because Chelsea were a more formidable opponent with him at the helm. I have to say that the Premiership will miss him though - he was quite a character.
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