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andycole9 said:
i agree with thomas i think he's bang on,

maybe it's a bit harsh to pick out 1 fan, but in genarel he's fcuking spot on, old traffford is full of rich cnuts nowadays walking round with there camera's and mega store bags full to the top, they only come coz it's now fashoinable to go to football, they have no clue about the club, it's history, what's going on out on the pitch, the songs, they know fcuk all and are only there coz they have plenty of dollars, it knocks me fcuking sick.

you not the hear spurs fans yesterday

*shall we sing a song for you*


*1-0 and you still don't sing 1-0 and you still don't sing*

fcuking joke

you could never hear the away fans at OT a few years ago now they are louder the home fans, so sad
So anybody who work hard and make some money is a c*nt.........seems to me you have a problem with people buying things from the Megastore too - even though this money make this club very wealthy !!!

Lawbreaker1944 said:
The home match ticket is too expensive for real supporter, who supports the club with his heart and vocal chords, therefore the atmosphere is as it is.
So you tell me every 'real' United supporter does not have 30 or 40 pounds for a ticket ?

What is a 'real' supporter I wonder.......

From what you say the 'real' supporters cannot go because ticket is too much money - which tell me they now dont support this team !!

Therefore the people who do go to game and pay money to watch ARE supporting the team with their cash ........ so who SUPPORTS United ???

Thomas G said:
You dont ****ing follow Man United, you just say you support them cause they're the best team in the world.
People have many reasons why they follow United. It's not a decision of anybody else as to whether these reasons are good enough or not.....if they follow United so be it and there is nothing anybody can do about it !!

red_dec7 said:
1st thing the guy who started the chat has got no chance of gettin tickets if real fans cant you wont b able to secondly atmostphere at old trafford is still shit got better from last season but still shit an dnt comment on it if u avent ever been there most utd songs are great anyway :D
Tickets go on general sale every week on Man see tickets for Spurs game - and now tickets for Sunderland game so maybe he get lucky.

Because someone is not from Manchester does not mean they cannot be United supporter you know !!!

With only people from Manchester this club would be same size as Stockport or Burnley !!

With the added help of world wide support and the cash that comes from this they are now very big club in this world !!!

It seems to me these 'real' fans want all the cash, all the success and all the fame but they dont want the very people who finance it all to be a part of it !!!

hattanlenzo said:
The only fact that i know that i love United.

And thanks for the welcoming
Ignore the abuse etc etc......

People have some weird ideas they have exclusive right to be United fans, lol.....

They dont and if you choose to see a game then I hope you enjoy yourself !!

I will PM you with details of any tickets that come up for selling ok....
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