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mulletsneverdie said:
half to most of the songs united have got are freakin shite anyway, ive said it for ages now, on other forums too, the only chant we need is united united united, who cant sing that? No need to try and rival the dippers 'youll never walk alone' or the hammers 'forever blowin bubbles' by makin up shit songs about ronaldo or rooney, we are the only real united in the league and its our chant, if you and others begin to think its not good enough a chant, theres the risk newcastle could nick it and do it justice. that along with the swingin scarfs would be impressive at st james'. 70,000 fans chanting united united united is possible, even for the tourists
"United Calypso" "Take Me home" "You are my Solskjaer" "Who the **** are Man United?" "Que Sera Sera" "We Are The Busby boys" "My Old Man" "We'll Never Die" "Who Put The Ball In The Germans net?" "Build a bonfire" "This Is How It Feels to be city" "That Boy Ronaldo" "Pride Of All Europe"

Are they shit?

You dont ****ing follow Man United, you just say you support them cause they're the best team in the world.
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