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Good evening

I am visiting your forum this evening as one of my stalkers on another forum appears to have convinced himself that I am posting here under the name MikeM

I thought I would come and say hello to this great individual as he must be doing something right to be compared to me.

Whilst I am here I thought I would make a little questionnaire to see if this person is maybe some kind of long lost twin of mine

What are your thoughts on average player shots?
What do you value Gareth Bale at?
What are your views on lower league football?
Finish this sentence H _ _ E /_ _ _ S/H _ _ _ S?
Who is The Spanish Cleverley?
Who is the worst manager in the history of the premiership?

PS If one of the mods on here could confirm there is no IP match with me and this MikeM character that would be great

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