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Just a thought. I don't know whether or not I could get a poll going but the title basically says it all.

With the rumors around that City could pry Given away from Newcastle I think Hart might be amenable to a move.

I admire Foster as much as the next guy but I honestly believe Joe Hart has the potential to be the best English keeper since Seamen.

Also considering Foster's injuries & the fact that when he has played he's looked a touch shaky. You can put it down to confidence but

it makes me question whether Foster has lost a bit of self confidence or whether he has temperament to make it at a big club.

He's always impressed me greatly whenever he's played & frankly I don't know what City are playing at looking for a new keeper.

Buffon, Given why would they freeze out a genuine class keeper who as an added bonus happens to be English?

So that's basically it. He's young, talented, English. We need to find a replacement for Van De Sar.

What are your thoughts and opinions?
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