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When the bloody hell is it going to be played?! We have matches every weekend and midweek until at least when the next round of the competition takes place!

Feb 15 - Derby (A)
Feb 18 - Fulham (H)
Feb 21 - Blackburn (H)
Feb 24 - Inter (A)
Mar 01 - Tottenham (N)
Mar 04 - Newcastle (A)
Mar 07 - FA Cup Round 6

:eek: :eek: :eek:

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You know for the players its very tiring ofcourse but this is also the time when your season is defined and therefore is also the most exciting time of the season for both fans and players alike.

I mean its good for players to have that week rest between matches but being abit selfish as fans, do you not enjoy watching united every 3-4 days?!? :cool:

Also IF we win our games against inter and remain in other competitions and we're looking good in the league, the potential is huge.

Now the time starts when the season will be defined as one of dissapointment or success and i'm just glad to be part of the ride even as a fan to be honest! :cool:

Enjoy the lucky times we're having at the moment!

pz! :cool:

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We should see of Derby on Sunday and I do believe that we have the squad to handle these fixtures especially since our injury count in decreasing now.

The good thing before the tough trip to Italy is that we are playing at Old Trafford which should help us in a way.

I hope this thread becomes irrelevant by Sunday evening.
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