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sweet fa said:
i sat watching the derby game in disbelief last night , how can the supposedly best team in the world be slaughtered by a dodgy championship side {they deserved another 3 goals} , i know we had a weakened side out but we still had loads of quality and experience on the pitch to beat derby county :confused: .

then i got thinking about fergies other love horse racing and started wondering what if a quality racehorse performed as bad has utd were playing :eek: ,the result would be a lengthy visit into the stewards room and being charged with the non trying rule!

then i started thinking about utds whole season and i reckon utd would have spent 3/4 of this season in the bloody stewards room :eek: ,the teams performance's so far this season has been the worst i can remember in over 30 years of supporting utd .there are clearly players that are not good enough to play for utd .
NANI; is getting worse by the game , we must get rid of him.
ANDERSON;i was impressed last season but his end product is very poor ,he is not what great teams are built upon.
True, he still hasn't scored and often giving the ball away. Still hope though IMO
TEVEZ; the superstar striker who don't seem to score many goals ,i agree he has the workrate but he is running around in midfield and will shortly be running to another club.
I hate to say it, but I fear he'll be off to Real. A mate of mine was saying yesterday evening before the game, that Tevez was at shorter odds to go to Real in the Summer then Ronaldo, and I'm not surprised. Ronaldo has come out and said positive things on is future of late, whilst Tevez is having a row with Fergie over a contract. I think the arrival of Berb has damaged Tevez. I remember watching him in pre-season adn everyone was talking about how well he was playing and how this could be his season....
MANUCHO; i don't know how good or bad he is but has anybody seen him ?
Watched him in the reserves...not the best touch, tall, powerful, packs a handy left foot shot and can hold the ball up. He won't play first team this season, but theres reports that he's leaving anyways...

come sunday if we beat chelsea we will all be smiling and full of ourselves but the truth is this utd team has gone soft and we are struggling against every team thats up for a midfield battle ,utd are being out fought and out thought.

As for playing the worst, I'd say we haven't got out of 3rd gear in ANY game this
season...if we win the league, which we're favourites for now, then it will be one
of the handiest titles won.

...and yet we're favourites to beat Chelsea and many Chelsea fans I know are
hoping to snatch a draw, and banking on Drogba playing his best and Rio


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Toybos said:
Also my point essentially remains the same though, I think we could be a bitbig for our boots with the double under our belt.
I'd be more inclined to say we're c.ocky about things...and theres not as much
hunger to win it, as we are the champs...

...mush easier to NOT be the holders of whatever, and win it off someone as you
have very strong desire to win....just like 2 seasons ago...we were DESPERATE for
the title and stop the Chelsea barrage...

With success comes complacency...
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