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It has been dull play as of late but I fell we are missing a few things.

  • Wingers/Midfielder's that cross the ball at height. (Despite Evra and Ronaldo's talent this doesn't happen anymore from anybody really.)

  • Strikers that shoot!!! (This season has started a trend where fans shout shoot! and rightly so. if we took more shots without fear of missing. All those chances up front might turn into goals!! Fans are bored of *****ing about in or just outside the box with nothing to show for it)

  • The flare and show boating from last season has gone. The lads don't seem to be enjoying themselves this season in my opinion. (Didn't always agree with it, but it worked and oozed confidence)

  • HUNGER!! Rooney and a few others are the only few to seem to have any. Berba looks bored and seems to walk everywhere, however I will hold out judgement til at least the end of this season. But come on lads lets see some enthusiasm

After all this though, we are still in position to win a lot of silverware this season and it is rather a changing of the guards with certain players. Plus other teams have stepped up their game and not just the top 4. Some smaller sides have really fought our top clubs this season.

All in all, the race horse has a lot of money and backers behind him and I keep the faith in the horse and owners ;)
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