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If we come second, blame Fergie

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The Man Utd squad was clearly not ready for the start of this season, which is why we dropped so many points at the start and were playing so badly.

At the start of this season Fergie knew that Saha was injured and Solskjaer was about to retire, yet he took the decision to sell the outstanding italian Giuseppe Rossi for quite little money. We started the season with only one striker, Rooney, and once he got injured in the first match we were well and truly stuffed.

We finished the first game of the season against Reading with O'shea playing up front, which is a pretty embarrasing situation for a club the size of Manchester United. God knows what we would have done if the FA had blocked the Tevez deal. We would have had O'shea up front for the first six matches.

The reason we have failed to beat teams like Reading and Man City this season despite totally dominating the games is because Tevez has been playing up front on his own which has not worked and will never work. Tevez drops deep to pick up the ball and plays more like an attacking midfielder, so there was absolutely no-one in the opposition penalty box.

If Giuseppe Rossi had been playing in those games we would have won those matches and would be strolling to the league title now. Don't tell me that the player wanted to leave, Daniel Alves has wanted to leave Sevilla for the past three years but he is still there. Do not forget that we were extremely lucky to beat Tottenham and Everton with two lucky goals so it could have been even worse.

If we fail to win the league this year it is entirely the fault of Fergie.
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The slow start to the season was not Fergie's fault.
Rooney was injured when Sonko (I think) landed on
his foot. That was unlucky. I remember watching that
game in Las Vegas at some obscene hour and Reading
'parked the team bus' in front of their goal. The City game
was just unlucky. Tevez was still adjusting to the team came
very close on a few occasions.

You keep mentioning Rossi....who is a good player but is no
where near Rooney's level. Fergie didn't decide to sell Rossi.
Rossi wanted to leave to get first team football so he left,
simple as that. At least Fergie was shrewd enough to put
the buy back clause in the contract.

Coming out with statements like blame fergie if we come
second is wrong imo. Anyway the season isnt over and
we are just a point behind Arse. As someone above said,
wait till the end of the season for threads like this.
Too many If's and But's at this point in time.
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