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Fernando Redondo - in my opinion one of the most underrated and the least spoken about players of all time... He was one of the best defensive midfielders of all time .. He had everything, and won pretty much everything . This guy knew everything with the ball and when i remember how he nutmmegged Berg I can't help admireing him. He was one of the most important players or Capello's Real and their vice captain ( Hierro was the captain )...

he had a similar career ending like van Basten ...He went to milan to become their highest paid player ahead of Maldini (who is an institution overthere ). had a very bad injury which eventually went on to end his career. but what is significant is that he reffused to get paid until he got back from the injury - he felt it wasn't right to recieve that much money while not being able to help the club

Had only he played for argentina at the WC 98, i think they would have won it. Stupid Passerella wanted him to have his hair cut or losing the place in the squad.. bloody idiot

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I remember the hair incident, so ridiculous. Half the Argie team had girly long hair :D

He was a very classy player I remember, the way he ran and passed seemes
effortless, like he floated through games, big fella, big engine, sweet touch.
All in all a great player. One of the best DM's of his generation for sure.

Not sure exactly how many trophies he won, but I'm sure there were a few
leagues in Spain, Italy and a couple of European cups.

He had hardly any caps at international level for a man of his stature.
He always seemed to have bust ups with the manager at the time.

He had the chance to play USA 94 but turned it down. There are conflicting
reports as to why..... that's why he was underrated by so many, because of his
lack of games at international level. My best mates growing up were half-Argie
and they used to always bang on about Maradona, Canniga and a young lad called
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