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For those of you who don't have Setanta they have this short feature appearing regularly called I'm on Setanta Sports'. Absolutely hilarious. It is a call-in show hosted by a puppet version (looks lifesize) of Jose Morinho. It mostly revolves around 'the special one' who treats his sidekick Sven (lol), like dirt, calling him 'it' and making him dress in 'pulp fictionesque' attire.

Regular callers are David from Los Angeles, Alex from Manchester and Arsene from
London. Jose treats Arsene with distain accusing him of being a voyeur, and bringing Alex into the conversation so they can both criiticize him. Alex is always treated with total respect (obviously).

There is another regular caller (recently moved from newcastle) who just wants to talk about Ameobi (sp?). Jose cuts him off...

Recently, the special one acclaimed a new signing (irking Sven because he feared he would be 'rotated') which turned out to be WAZZA. To showcase wazza's tremendous talent and versatility, they had him blinfolded while completing several rubix cubes and singing Ave Maria perfectly.

Priceless. :D
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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