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CROoney from Dubrovnik said:
i know, but i'm frustrated he hasn't taken away any points from chelsea and arsenal
And Jol had ?

Ramos is slowly improving the mental strength of the spurs players. You have to put in mind that he is still working with Jol's players, not his. And Jol has made some mistakes in the market so its not the perfect squad Ramos is working with.

I, like you, felt the time of Jols sacking was totally wrong. If they didnt find him good enough they shouldve sacked him during the summer. But since they chose to start the season with him they shouldve let him finish it, then look back at how well/bad he did during it.

Jury is still out on Ramos, but I reserve my judgement on him til next season as it will be his team and his tactics are going to be installed in his players by then.
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