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I'm sooo frustrated with Juande Ramos !!!

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What has he done to change the momentum at Spurs !? He 's not even capable of beating Arsenal's second string FFS, let alone to take the point from Chelsea ! With Spurs playing "DR Jekyll Mr Hyde "I can't see any progress - that was clearly a change for the sake of it ! Jol at least knew where the problem was and with new coach they have clearly sacrificed a season or two. He is a great manager , don't get me wrong, but so far nothing has changed
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i'm not saying he's a lousy manager or anything like that, I just think that the change was unneccessary at that point. The board should have given Jol more time. At least till the end of the season
akash_reds said:
give this guy a break.............he is a great manager........
i know, but i'm frustrated he hasn't taken away any points from chelsea and arsenal
red_devils4life said:
FFS, if that's the main reason why u doesn't like him, u r nuts.
Oh please, just compare all 3 teams together. Does Spurs even come close to match Chelsea's & Arsenal's great strength in depth & the ability of their first-team players? :rolleyes: Come on' , u know the answer very well. It's a definite NOT!!
Do you actually believe that they are able to take points off Chelsea @ their indomitable fortress, Stamford Bridge where they hasn't lost for over 80+ games,the past 3 and a half years? Sorry,but that's impossible!
Secondly, they lost to Arsenal does that meant that Juande Ramos is not good?
Sad to say, when Martin Jol managed Spurs, is he able to beat the likes of Chelseas & Arsenal back then? The answer: Clearly Not! Did the Gooners dominate the proceedings in the match? Nope, they didn't. Did the Gooners control majority of the ball possession? Nope, they didn't. Did Spurs hve their fair share of chances & ball possession? Yeah, they did. And the main reason why Spurs lost was due to unfortunate penalty-miss by Robbie Keane & gasping goal by substitue Nicklas Bendtner at the very last minute of 94th, which was his first touch of the ball in that game. If Juande Ramos manage to propel FC Sevilla from 10th place in Spanish Primera La Liga to the 6th spot, then finally the 3rd spot in the next season, losing in the championship title race at the very last day of the season, he's a great manager. Wait, are u talking 'bout hw poor he fare in the European stage? Yeah, indeed. By helping FC Sevilla achieving 2 successive Uefa Cups triumphs, defeating Arsenal 3-1 & finally finishing at the top of the table in his first season at Uefa Champions League, he's not very good,isn't it? ;)
FFS - what's your problem ??? Who said I don't like him ?! Try reading before jumping at me FFS ¨! And Bendtner scored with 10 mins to go. I thought I explained you that I think the sacking of Jol was not neccessary
red_devils4life said:
Yes, u told me over @ the shoutbox approximately 5-6 days ago that you don't like Juande Ramos at all. I've got a photographic memory, u can't lie to me! Also, u didn't explain to me why the sacking of Martin Jol was not necessary, now explain to me!
I said I didn't like Juande Ramos ??? Are you nutz ?! I never said that ! lol you really need to repair your photographic memory. first of all - the first time I mentioned junade ramos was 2 days ago when i opened this thread, not 5-6 days ago ....Second of all - You asked me if I thought that juande ramos was a lousy manager and I responded " No. I just said that the change was unnecessary " .And you replied : Oh,icic" That is excactly word by word ( and by colour) how the conversation went ! and if you didn't understand why the sacking was unnecessary (imo), just return to the beginning of this thread.
red_devils4life said:
Yes, i remember it very clearly. Firstly, I ask u why do you think Juande Ramos was a lousy manger. Secondly, u replied me that he's not a lousy manger. Next, I ask u again then why u opened this thread for? Then, u told me that he's not a lousy manger, it's juz' that u doesn't like him at all. Finally, i said 'Ok,icic'. :)
I swear To GOD i didn't say that ! I swear ! Because the only people in football I don't like are Henry,Effenberg,Kahn,Lehmann and maybe few more. Other than that - I have no "dislikers". And you either dont' remember well or you lie...I'm sorry but I swear i didn't say that. you're making the things up.Just look at how many times I said that I don't think he's a lousy manager...would I say I don't like him then
red_devils4life said:
FINE FINE FINE! Let's stop all this crap once & for all ok? Since u are so adamant that u nvr said that( which is the opposite of my opinion), there's simply no point if I force u to admit it, thats b'coz it will nvr happen! Juz' hope that we can stop all of this nonsensical crap so that it won't affect the reputation of this forum. I truly hope that we could do our utmost best in promoting this forum so that we could help further enhance the relationship here. I hope that this matter won't harm our relationship CRO. Or does it? :rolleyes: Anyway, I swear that I didn't lie or make up any of the things which i hve said juz now. I believes in myself I also believ that God believs in me. Kudos! ;)
ok...that's really ok with me. anyway i opened this thread because of my sympathy for Jol not because i don't like ramos. he's a very good manager indeed. one of the best, but i felt sorry for ramos
Keano's fan said:
And Jol had ?

Ramos is slowly improving the mental strength of the spurs players. You have to put in mind that he is still working with Jol's players, not his. And Jol has made some mistakes in the market so its not the perfect squad Ramos is working with.

I, like you, felt the time of Jols sacking was totally wrong. If they didnt find him good enough they shouldve sacked him during the summer. But since they chose to start the season with him they shouldve let him finish it, then look back at how well/bad he did during it.

Jury is still out on Ramos, but I reserve my judgement on him til next season as it will be his team and his tactics are going to be installed in his players by then.
yup - couldn't agree more - don't know why I opened this thread tbh:p - It's not like I have many arguments - I'm simply frustrated because whenever I see Tottenham play - they 'r e like disaster , so I doubt they'll get better
red_devils4life said:
Well, they hve. Under Juande Ramos, Spurs hve manged to climb from 18th spot up to the 12th spot now. :p But still, i don't think that a team with the quality of Spurs should be @ 12th currently. They should be in the top 7!
and that is what i was trying to say - Jol would have done that too..They couldn't continue losing .... Everything would have clicked on it's place imo... If they thought that Jol wasn't good enough - they should have appointed Ramos during the summer
And My Frustration With Him Ended Last Night - You Can Close The Thread, Thank You Very Much ;)
suddenly this thread seems appropriate...
done...finally ! it took them almost a year to see what i saw all along..he just couldn't cope with the language and stuff imo
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