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I'm still worried!!...

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It would be easy for those of us who don't agree with all of fergie's tactics to keep quiet right now after the wins against Barca and WH , but as I have said before , it's not about the results.

Right now we have won NOTHING , absolutely nothing at all and these two games were at OT. The honours will be dished out on the basis of what United do away from OT. You may laugh at me , but despite all the singing at OT and Fergies smiles I still think they are quite capable of blundering it all away by not being true to the very football that has brought them this far. Chelsea have a better away record than us and grind and fight like dogs to get results. We seem to want to leave it to the last 10 minutes of games when it gets desperate before we create chance after chance and score. This could easily have happened against Barca and could easily happen against Wigan if we try and play them on the break and sit back.

Last week against Chelsea , Anderson came off after a period when United were really coming into the game . So instead of driving at them and putting crosses into their box it was our box that came under pressure and it was Carrick who handballed when it could have been Essien. United would now be celebrating the Title. :rolleyes:

So , will everyone stop their "we win everything's fine , we lose then it's disaster" philosophy and look at what's really happening. It's been a long time since this team really did itself justice away from OT. Why? Because we have become passive impersonaters of negative teams that don't have our talent.

Ok , let's have the flak now!!!...........:eek:
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I agree.

At times this seaon we have tried to play like Chelsea, e.g. against Chelsea last saturday, and it has been non-effective and only put extra pressure on the team.

Chelsea are programmed to defend and play defensive midfielders etc. It's not the United way.

Ferguson made one of the worst decisions of his career last saturday.

We went out and sat on our back-sides until they scored, then we attacked and forced them to concede, then we sit back again and eventually lost the match.

Against Chelsea, whenever we were behind, we were dominating the game :eek:

It was depressing to watch then as we resorted back to defending and showing know ambition when we equalised. That match was ours for the taking!!!!

Having said all of that, Fergie has gotten us to the CL final and one game away from retaining the League.

So, Trust in him not to make another ridiculous error. He is the master afterall. :)
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