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dreadedred said:
Ohh, now there has been a bit of a vouch by someone who is a long standing board member it makes it all ticketyboo does it. Well when it get's down to the nitty gritty it was SR that brought this to this board in the first place. Read the first post by SR on the thread. I can't believe that it has come to all this for you to even have to accept that this fund raising is above board. There again it's not that unbelievable being wrapped up in your own little cyber world.
This is in no way being spiteful or anything of that nature, just a but of logic and common sense...

How many random attempts at making profit or benefiting from others misfortunes happen daily? From people bleeding off of national catastrophes, to the bum on the street needing money for food when is really going to spend it on booze or crack.

Would you be more willing to let some random guy on the tram borrow a dollar and pay you back tomorrow, or your best mate?

Because of Sal's words and commitment to the issue, it makes us "locals" more apt to believe because we know Sal to be a trustworthy source, rather than some outsider. Whether your actions are legit or not, we have no idea, just like we had no idea of the nature of the case other than media because none of us were there. I have to agree that the delivery and then immediately going into flaming a well respected member of the forum (Carly) did not help your battle in the least bit. I have to say Graham and Sal could be the saving grace that gets support from this website. Not too say you owe them or anything, but... :)
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