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Even though it is probably mentioned a lot we still got to remember that when abbreviating Manchester United Football Club it is Man Utd. NOT Man U and there is a reason behind that.

Man .U. is not a term United fans refer to themselves as. The term is only used by other supporters as a complete and utter insult to our club. The "U" is meant to be "you" by the rival fans.

An early example of its usage is this chant by West Brom fans: "Duncan Edwards is manure, rotting in his grave, man you are manure- rotting in your grave". The origin of "Man .U." is a song to insult the dead Duncan Edwards.

Liverpool and Leeds fans copied this with their own man you /u versions to insult all of the lads who died at munich.

"Man .U. Man .U. went on a plane Man .U. Man .U. never came back again"


"Man .U. Never Intended Coming Home" (if you combine the first letter of each word you get the word "munich").

I hope this makes it clearer that saying man .u. is an insult, particularly to the older supporters and to see United fans using it now is shameful. I hope a few might read this, understand and spread the word.

So... Please REFRAIN from using this term ever again.

So sorry if you know this already but I still see people using this term so respect the club by respecting its name and what it stands for Thank you.
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