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Improvements needed?

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Although we all love to see new exciting players arriving at the club, I personally think we are comfortably strong in every position, does anyone really believe big strengthening in the summer is necessary?
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Jazz 16 said:
I think its necessary to buy every year to show your intent and to freshen
things up. Fergie also has to make sure all the players are kept on their toes
regarding fighting for a first team place.

We have Manucho to come in and players like Campbell and/or Wellbeck could
get their chance. Though I still think we have to buy a quality striker (hunt, Berb
or Eto'o perhaps)

The daSilva twins will be integrated into the squad slowly but
surely, but they will make their marks further down the line.

We have the likes of Simmo, Pique and Evans (if he comes back) to start making
some apps. here and there. Nev and Silvestre will also be back in business.

So defensively I feel we are covered although the prospect of adding a player
of Lahm's ability could be too hard to turn down.

Midfield- Central midfield we are sorted. Wingers-Up till recently I would have
said we were ok.....but hear me out.

Giggs is a legend but I think we ALL know his time is coming to an end over the
next season or 2.
Nani has yet to convince me despite his huge number of assists and occasional
wondergoal. He is a bit of a headless chicken and his final pass/shot often leaves
a lot to be desired.
Park will graft all day for you but shouldnt he be doing a lot more offensively?

Those 3 would be squad members for me next season. That leaves Ronaldo
who certainly does his bit (40 goals ffs) .
Im wondering if the likes of Anderson could fill in on the left and Hargo on the
right. Fergie might try and play them there.
but a winger like Ribery would be the ultimate. I would have loved to see him
at United before going to Munich.

In goals we are flush so in conclusion the only player we REALLY need is a
world class striker. We can be hugely competitive again with the squad we have.
Sure 'If it aint broke dont fix it'.:)
I'd agree with most of that. I'd like to see Anderson on the left, something we haven't seen yet. I don't think a winger is necessary though, I think we are crying out for a big centre forward.

Also, the whole idea of Simpson, Campbell or Wellbeck making the team would be good but it ain't going to happen. In the past 10 years only O'Shea, Fletcher and Brown have come to the first team from the youths and 3 of them arguably wouldn't play if everyone was fit. With the form Rossi had shown, I thought SAF would stick with him but I feel that SAF has lost faith with youngsters and the only way to compete with Chelsea is spend big bucks.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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