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Jazz 16 said:
I think its necessary to buy every year to show your intent and to freshen
things up. Fergie also has to make sure all the players are kept on their toes
regarding fighting for a first team place.


In goals we are flush so in conclusion the only player we REALLY need is a
world class striker. We can be hugely competitive again with the squad we have.
Sure 'If it aint broke dont fix it'.:)
As usual Jazz drags a perfect post out of the bag :p

And I would agree with it. Striker is the only position we NEED somebody imo, but if we got the chance to sign a player like Lahm, who on Earth should we say no?

I would like to see Lahm, a winger and a striker just for more options but we only NEED a striker imo. Just think, Tevez, Rooney, Manucho, Santa Cruz/Huntelaar/Eto'o etc, and, counting Saha, we would become unstoppable up front.

If we had Tevez, Rooney, Manucho and Saha, I would be delighted. But because of Saha's injury problems, we really need another striker, even if Saha is staying for next year.
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