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Here's my go.... (no hairdryer though!)

" Ok lads , we've had this dip in form and it's starting to cost us. The past is gone now though and the future can still be great. We are still in 3 more competitions and we can win them all. Ok , now here's where things are going wrong. You are far too nervous at the moment. You are playing with fear rather than expression and confidence. You lot look as if you have the weight of the world on your shoulders and I think you are thinking about things too much. The invincibles tag has got under your skin.

Here's what I want you to do. Firstly , start enjoying your football again. Go out and express yourselves. If you don't you will regret it next season when you look back at these games and think to yourselves what might have been if you had just played football the way you know you can.

On the pitch what you have got to do is speed things up and stop holding on to the ball as if it's a pass the parcel contest. I want to see more one touch passing and more quick decisions. Don't think about it and dally on the ball (ronnie) , just move the ball on and play instinctively. Play at a tempo and speed so that you don't have time to think , just do it!!

In defence I want you to really make the other team feel far more uncomfortable. Make them work for their goal. If they do something special then fine , but no easy goals. Don't give the wingers time to look up and pick out their crosses - stop allowing centre forwards time to turn and run at us. If you end up with a few yellows then so be it. I want their players to know they have been in a physical contest.

You have to stop being afraid. The last 20 minutes against villa were good. Why do you think that was? It was because you all had nothing to lose - the game was lost and anything you got was a bonus - so you all relaxed and just had a go. So this is what I want you to do for the rest of the season. Have a go! Play quickly and instinctively. In defence , have a go! Get after the opposition. And if you want to be afraid and anxious about anything then be afraid of this ----> You are in danger of selling yourselves short this season by thinking too much about the matches and the scoreline and not enough about playing football -------------
A bit too long for them to absorb or bother imo. :eek: :blink: :D ;)

"You were a bunch of *****. Now get out there and kick some butts... Or I will kick yours."? :eek:
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