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I think some of you dont really understand how good Inter is and how big chance they have to be Kings of Europe this year.
The group stage in CL they had 5 wins and 1 loss. The only defeat came in their first game away in Turkey when they had suspended players from the Valencia game the year before when there was some fighting right after the game ended.

At the moment Inter Milan have some key players injured so they had to dig a bit deeper into their squad but the new players have been playing really well.
Some of the names on the injury list is Vieria, Stankovic, Dacourt and Figo. A possible starting midfield in a Champions League final. Even if I prefer Cambiasso before any of the French guys Vieira or Dacourt.

The key to the success is the attacking pair of Ibrahimovic and Cruz. The old fart Julio Cruz, probably the worlds most underestimated player who keep scoring and scoring when the other teams defender have had their hands full of Ibra.

Last but not least I think Roberto Mancini is one of the best in the business.
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