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The refereeing controversy in Italy has flared up again as a result of the recent 3-3 draw between Inter and Roma as well as comments made after the match by a number of interested parties.

According to a survey conducted by Observations on Arbitration Errors, in collaboration with Adiconsum, since the beginning of the 2008-09 campaign, 171 points would have been rearranged due to the 163 officiating mistakes.

The hypothetical rankings have Milan at the top of the standings with 53 points, plus five from their current tally, while the Fiorentina, would be in second spot with 51.

Meanwhile, Juventus would fall one place into third, having benefited from a few refereeing decisions this term and Inter would lose a rather significant 11 points from their current status, dropping down to fourth place.

Of course, this is just one study with it's own limitations, but certainly it's findings will fuel the criticism of the officiating throughout the peninsula.

The biggest "Mistakes" for Inter:

Round 1: Ibrahimovic uses his hand to gain advantage and score against Samdporia
Round 8: Maicon makes a horrible red card tackle against Mesto, in the game against Genoa, but nothing is done :bye2:
Round 9: Burdisso fouls Pazzini in the penalty box, but no penalty for Fiorentina:whistling:
Round 10: Cordoba fouls Corradi as a last defender, and guess what. not even a foul:specool:
Round 11:Cordoba strikes again , against Inler, but again he escapes.:blink:
Round 13: Foul on Marchionni by Muntari , in the penalty box. No penalty though.:whistling:
Round 14: Foul on Lavezzi, by Samuel, again in the penalty box, and again no penalty.:whistling:
Round 15: Ibrahimovic scores a goal against Lazio..............from a big offside.:blink:
Round 17: Decisive gol by Maicon against Siena.................from an even bigger offside.:eek:
Round 20: Adriano punches Gastaldello in the game against Sampdoria, no foul , but the play goes on and he scores an important goal.:eek:
Round 24: Adriano scores a goal with the use of his hand against Milan. Chivu fouls INzaghi in the penalty box, but nothing given.:whistling:
Round 26: An invisible penaly given to Inter at a foul on Balotelli in the match against Rome.

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but he will still point out that they 'should' be ahead of Inter.
If they were it would be by 1 or 2 points. Inter losing 11 points means they'd be at 49, 2 points behind 2nd place fiorentina.

Anyways, I find these arguments of "what if"s to be just fuel for controversy. Everybody knows that predicting results based on those wrong decisions beeing made right doesn't necessarily change the final outcome, because it would have been a completely different game.

This, if nothing else, is why more technology should be incorporated into the game, but there's too much money involved in the controversy market. Less newspapers beeing sold, less people watching commentary programs, there's an entire industry exploiting this, and they must be a big lobby, to keep a sport with the scale and impact of football still beeing played like we were in the early 20th century...

In fact, even has it evolves, it gets extra reasons for controversy, like the back pass to the keeper, or, in my oppinion the most stupid and controversial rule ever created, the offside.

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He'd fit in well on RAWK :whistling:

He'll ignore the parts that say Juventus would drop down a place in the table.

I don't ingore at all........... I have it well present, and do you know why ?? .... The Juventus reconstruction is WRONG......... they count 10 facts pro-JUVE and 6 against JUVE ( the bill for Inter is 15-8)

Actually, in the amount for te facts against JUVE there are not at least 3 cases:

4th day) a clear penalty not given to JUVE against Catania:
Juve were winning 1-0 in the second half, and the match would have been closed.... the game ended 1-1

19th) not given a penalty to JUVE against Lazio for a foul on Nedved
23th) Iaquinta sent off after 10 minutes against Catania for 2 yellow cards in 2 minutes at the beginning of the match


The same stats sorted out last year and the result was that the right rank should have been that:
despite a "real" rank in which JUVE was 12 points below Inter


For those who say " Inter is the new JUVE ",
I'd point out I don't see any World Champion in the Inter, any Ballon d'or, any great performance in Europe, any historic player

So.....where is the "new JUVE" ??
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