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I found this from, the chinese site for so i decided to translate it:)

First part of the intervew
Dong is happy about his form in the reserves.

In this interview, Dong talks about this season and how hes proud of being the first united player here…

You have scored four goals in the reserves, are there any changes in the way u play?
Yes, the opponents during the first two games sucked, my second feeling is that I feel I am getting more used to the game here in England, I’m gaining more confidence and playing well with teammates, I feel better than last year.

When do you think you can score for the first team?
I’m still waiting for the chance to play and will put in my best performance to do so.

Did SAF say anything that motivated you in these few days?
I don’t see him that much, but he motivates me on the pitch at times.

Being the only Chinese player in Manchester United, how did you feel about the game against Chelsea?
I had mixed feelings, proud, excited, but also nervous. Chelsea is a strong team and I felt I wasn’t prepared. I was suppose to be a substitute in that game, but when I heard I was on the 1st team I felt I wasn’t ready to play.

What did your country say about your performance?
Mostly criticisms, because I didn’t play that well in that game.

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RichardsReds said:
We bought this guy for £3m what a waste of money. Unless its about advertising in China...
I'd be interested to find out how much our merchandise sales increased in China after buying Dong.

I wouldn't be surprised if we've already recouped what we paid for him, especially if you take into account the pre-season tour of Asia.

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actually, reddwarf, in China, no one gives a shit about Dong... I dont think hes even in the starting eleven in China
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