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Is European Football Really On The Down?

Most of us here saw the awards today handed out for best goalkeeper, defender,
midfielder and forward.

England teams had players adorned throughout the nominees. All of England's top
clubs, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and United had their number 1 keeper in the
goalkeeper section. The midfield section was all English, Scholes, Gerrard,
Lampard, Fabregass, Essien. Not one player from outside the Premier League
managed to get their names on the shortlist.

Its a worrying sign of the talent abroad. The all English final is another example
along with the fact that England are becoming more and more prominent in the
latter stages of the competition in recent years. I don't know about yous, but I
really miss those clashes with Juve, Bayern, Deprotive, (Not so much Bayer
Leverkusen), and it seems like within the next few years, all 4 teams left in the
quarter finals will be English.

In the top seeded teams for today's draw for the Champions League 4 of the 8
were, English. Two Spanish, one Italian and a French outfit. I know we all want
the best for the English league but is the talent draining from the clubs that once
were so big and hard to beat?

I'd rather play Juventus, or Munich, or Real Madrid, another team weakened
drastically, in the last few stages of the competition rather then Chelsea,
Liverpool, or Arsenal. We play them during the season, and we want to challenge
ourselves against the best don't we?

How do you feel on the lack of competition and admiration for leagues abroad?

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I know...

But I loved the games with Juve and others....Platini will try change it all no doubt:rolleyes:
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